XYPRO Technology Corporation

When we were contacted by XYPRO Technology Corporation, they identified the primary issues with their website – in addition to having an outdated and cluttered look that was not in line with their future vision, it was difficult if not impossible for their internal staff to update or add new content.

Working closely with XYPRO’s internal staff and a newly staffed marketing department, we helped XYPRO created a modern, engaging, and effective site that met all their requirements. Not only was the content and presentation aligned with their new marketing vision, cleaving to best practices for SEO, but 43Folders ensured that the interface was easy-to-use and understand so XYPRO staff could once again contribute to their own site property.  Included in our BulletProof Maintenance plans is training so our clients can easily achieve their own goals; we never put our you “over a barrel” when it comes to ownership of the sites we create.

After launch, we added integration to the VBout CRM, Google Tag Manager and related SEO tools.  When reviewing the outcome and reports from these sources Jason Marti, Chief Marketing Officer for XYPRO was prompted to say “You guys [43Folders], are freaking rock stars!!!”

Featured Technologies

  • VBout CRM Integration
  • Smart Slider 3
  • Custom PHP, SCSS, and JS 
  • AJAX content search capabilities
  • Genesis-based theme