WRLR 98.3 LP-FM: Taking Community Radio Live

One of the largest and most popular community radio stations in the Midwest – and still growing – WRLR 98.3 LP-FM is an exciting place to be!  Like a lot of stations, both local and national – WRLR’s website was in need of an overhaul.  Not only was it failing to excite listeners and visitors aesthetically, but functionally it was clunky, difficult to update, and many of the more important pieces were simply broken.

43Folders was engaged to resolve that and provide a clean, attractive, and functional site, with a look and sound for the future.  Some of the primary requirements included:

  • Streaming audio for both desktop and mobile visitors
  • Easy to update news and show information
  • A complete scheduling, show, and DJ information layout
  • Manageable and engaging events pages
  • Sponsors and supporters visible and easily updated

And, perhaps more than anything else, everything about the site had to be easy for even the least tech-savvy members at WRLR to get access to, add, and update whenever necessary.  The station manager frequently reminded me “some of these guys don’t even have email” … so everything needed to be as easy and bulletproof as possible, with ample amounts of documentation, screenshots, and even a few video how-tos thrown in for good measure.

And of course, the web work was completely separate from the custom designed mobile app we built that allowed Android and Apple users to stream WRLR direct to their preferred devices!

Featured Technologies

  • ShoutCast API
  • Scheduling Applications
  • Gravity Forms
  • Custom PHP, SCSS, and JS
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • Adobe PhoneGap and React Native for Mobile App Development