Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation is dedicated to the support of medical research to support curing, treating and managing Diabetes Mellitus and chronic and degenerative diseases associated with Aging, with a primary focus on brain and vision disorders. In order to accomplish this goal, they fund millions of dollars in grants for medical research in the state of California.

The only way this occurs, of course, is through a rigorous set of grant application, review, processing, and ultimately approval or denial – plus ongoing years of updates and renewals. Handling this manually just wasn’t an option for the administrators at LLHF, who required an easy-to-use but comprehensive and secure online solution that balanced the complexity of applications with the simplicity of online forms and processes.

Using Gravity Forms, Gravity View, an opensource PDF conversion tool and hundreds of lines of custom code, we were able to build a stable solution that works for all stakeholders at all stages of the grant process. Our efforts were successful enough that we even caught the attention of Gravity Forms and Gravity View, to become one of their case studies – you can read the complete article here.

Featured Technologies

  • Gravity Forms
  • Gravity View
  • Open Source PDF Conversion
  • Custom PHP, SCSS, and JS