Brainzest – Making Joomla to WordPress Look Easy

The folks at Brainzest had a problem – their website needed some major changes, but it was developed in a CMS they had no experience with (Joomla), and by a site designer they no longer had contact with!

They had already decided to migrate to WordPress, but were unsure how to accomplish it.  It seemed to make sense to make the changes they wanted at the same time as any other work or migration, so that was a consideration when hiring a developer too.  The project was under some time constraints also, as several events were being advertised and web traffic was sure to rise as they came near.

43Folders not only had the appropriate range of skills, but a ton of experience migrating existing code and content from various CMS platforms to WordPress.  Ultimately, we selected to work within the Genesis framework, and created an original look and feel applying modern design sensibilities and web best practices.  No more than a few weeks after our discovery phase, the “new” Brainzest was live and better than ever!

Featured Technologies

  • Genesis Framework
  • Joomla Conversion
  • Gravity Forms
  • Custom PHP, SCSS, JS, and Python
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking