PLUGIN: Sticky Back2Top for Genesis

by | May 27, 2016 | Programming, WordPress

screenshotThe Sticky Back2Top Universal plugin does exactly what it says – provides a universally applicable arrow that will take users back to the top of the page (scroll down here to see it in action).  It’s designed to be simple, clean, fast, and easy to use.

There’s been some major changes to this plugin since first release, most notably that this plugin is no longer designed exclusively for the Genesis framework!  If you’re using Genesis, it will make use of the appropriate hooks for the best and most accurate operation, but it will check and confirm that you are using Genesis first, and revert to the standard WordPress theme hooks if not.

Additionally, I’ve added more options for your the arrows and shapes for the background.  Future updates will include the ability to change the color of the arrow or text, add your own text, modify the opacity of the backing, and more granularly change the size and location.

Install as you normally would, either by installing straight from the WordPress plugin repository while in the dashboard section of your site, or you can download and extract the files to your plugin directory manually via FTP.

Thanks for trying it out; I’d appreciate hearing any thoughts, suggestions, or problems you have in the comments or emailing me at [email protected].

(Oh, and if you really like it, I totally wouldn’t mind if you bought me a cup of coffee at !