A Note to Our Clients About WP 5.0

by | Dec 11, 2018 | WordPress

You may have heard about the latest and greatest update of WordPress, version 5.0.  This is a major update from the 4.9.8, and includes a rework of the front-end editor (what you may use to write posts) referred to as Gutenberg, as well as performance enhancements, security fixes, and more.

Many in the industry are expressing wariness or even fear regarding the adoption of the new editor and WordPress 5.0 in general.  Here at 43Folders, we share some of these concerns but are approaching the change with the same rules and best practices we would afford any major update.

Here is what you can expect from WordPress 5.0, and 43Folders:

  • Your experience will most likely not change.  Generally, we have configured customers to use email submission of blogs, SiteOrigin page builder, Advanced Custom Fields, or some combination of these for your ease-of-use.  These will not be affected by the upgrade.  In those cases where you are editing posts and pages directly, we are generally recommending staying with the “classic” editor to minimize disruption.
  • If your experience is changing, we will contact you to assist. In the eventuality that your specific configuration does require a change in how you submit or edit content, 43Folders will alert you and assist with both detailed “how-to” documents as well as direct, one-on-one training if needed.
  • The upgrade will be performed and tested on our servers first.  Per best business practices, all updates are performed on our staging servers first, and then rolled out to production and live sites only after extensive testing.  That way, we ensure your site never experiences avoidable downtime or other issues.  Similarly …
  • We may choose to wait and skip 5.0.0 entirely. We consider the three most important factors of a successful web presence to be Security, Stability, and Speed.  To ensure we meet your needs on all 3 of these factors, not only will we perform our standard due diligence, but may also choose to exercise patience, following the Bard’s sound advice that discretion is often the better part of valor.
  • 43Folders is here to support you and your site.  If you’re part of our Bulletproof website support family, you have unlimited Tier 1 support and services – that means we’re here to help with any concerns or questions you may have!  You can expect a quick response from one of the team by emailing [email protected] or going to our dedicated support console.

In short, 43Folders has got you covered when it comes to managing your site – up to and including major revisions and changes like this, so don’t worry, be happy, and enjoy stress-free updates with us!